Reading Copywriter

"We loves our customers and were grate at what we do."

Spot the mistake?

In this busy, busy 24-hour world, web visitors expect you to have a word-perfect, up-to-date website, whether you offer portaloos or procurement software solutions. 

What’s more, potential customers expect certain standards: wonky wording sets alarm bells ringing, causing them to question your credibility, resulting in lost sales.

Bring on the Professional Copywriter!

If you have budget, it is always worth investing in a professional copywriter, such as myself, to create your content. As well as ensuring your copy is on-point, we add value in lots of ways:

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Copywriter:

Lifting your bushel: A good copywriter kicks away your bushel, and shines a light on your best business features.

As well as selecting the right relevant keywords to drive visitors to your site, we write about what you do in an super-seductive, customer-friendly way, encouraging visitors to stick around and buy.          

Cutting the faff: There’s no faff with an expert copywriter.  We don’t manage stock, hire staff or set business budgets; we have one job, to write your copy.  We find the exact words that capture what you do and deliver them precisely when you need them. 

Delivering consistent quality copy: Your website may be all bells and whistles but does your wording pack a punch? How about your company literature, all mouth and no trousers?

A professional copywriter adopts the perfect language and tone for your audience and applies it across all your communication channels, from your website to your social media content. Developing a consistent tone of voice enhances your brand and adds authenticity to every piece of communication you send out. Furthermore, pitched just right, it has the power to boost sales and loyalty.        

Why this Freelance Copywriter? 

I have over a decade’s experience of writing crisp, compelling copy for start-ups, big brands and web design and copywriting agencies. 

My fox-like intuition for knowing what consumers and businesses want has led me to work with household names such as BSI and NHBC (National House-Building Council) through to boutique Reading businesses.

I provide a stand out range of affordable writing and editing services and am just as happy creating content for a complete website site as writing a one-off blog post. 

Here’s a small flavour of what I can do to help boost your business:

  • SEO Web Content

  • Blogs

  • Press Releases

  • e-Newsletters and newsletters

  • Brochures and Guides

  • Magazine articles - Editorial and Advertorials

  • Internal Communications – from company-wide emails to in-house publications

  • Product Descriptions

    I am local to Reading, Berkshire so if you'd like to talk about your copywriting project in person or over the phone, please get in touch.