I have the heart of a lion,

and a lifetime ban from London Zoo.

Do you remember in the eighties, in that series about criminals on the run, and there was a man who liked cigars with white hair, who drove a black van. You know, the one who used to give his mate milk because he didn’t like flying? And do you remember how he had another mate who was a bit crazy, who flew helicopters that were always just lying around. And another who just used to stand around looking pretty and chatting up the ladies? Well do you remember when they used to help people by throwing them over counters and stuff and into chicken cages? And, do you remember how they’d always get trapped in a garage with tools and a pile of watermelons and drinking straws? And do you remember then that the guy with the white hair would say he had a plan and they’d all start humming a tune? And do you remember after that montage, they’d break out of the garage with their new watermelon throwing pedal car machine? And they’d win? Do you remember that? In the eighties?

Well that team is my words.

And those watermelons are your business.

Seriously though, I write funny content for lots of companies, from cool kids clothing brands to trailblazing web designers. Putting your money in funny is good because it makes your offering memorable, like-able and very, very buy-able.

Sounds good, huh? If you want to know more about my wily words, get in touch here.