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New Build Statistics Press Releases

I wrote the following press release about new build statistics which received coverage in many national newspapers, including stand alone pieces in the Daily Mail, Financial Times and Evening Standard.

Here's a taste:

Corries streets ahead when it comes to favourites

Brookside style housing is out and Coronation Street is in as National House Building Council (NHBC) latest statistics show that terraced houses are being favoured over semi-detached and detached houses.

According to NHBC , whose warranty covers over 80 per cent of new homes in the UK, 18 per cent of new homes started in Great Britain during quarter three this year were terraced.  This figure eclipses the number of semi-detached homes (14 per cent) that were started and for the first time equals the percentage of detached homes (18 percent) that were built.

Areas in the north have seen the biggest increase in the proportion of terraced homes started by builders and developers in recent years.

For example, in the North East region eight per cent of new homes started in 2000 were terraced, whereas during the past six years this figure has more than doubled to 19 per cent.

NHBC’s Chief Executive said: “This is positive news for home buyers wishing to enter the property market or move up the property ladder as terraced housing creates a pool of potentially affordable, family-friendly new homes.”  

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Article in New Home Locations Scotland magazine covering the importance of a good site manager:

A good site manager is invaluable for new home buyers - someone on hand to answer your queries, as well as someone to trust and ensure your new home is built to the highest possible standard. 

For two years in a row Paddy Malone, a site manager from Ayr, scooped the overall UK title in NHBC's Pride in the Job Awards, seeing off over 17,000 other site managers in the competition which sets out to find and reward the UK's best site managers. I asked homeowners on Paddy's latest winning site, The Grange, what it means to live on an Pride in the Job award-winning new development.

Mr Macgregor and his family moved into a five bedroom house on the site less than six months ago. Also a local builder, Mr Macgregor gave Paddy’s site an unreserved stamp of approval, describing the standards on site as ‘unbelievable’.

Mr Macgregor said, “I cannot believe how well the site was managed. I visited the site every week for about nine months and the cleanliness was faultless.  The standard of build of the homes is in a different class altogether.”

He added, “Paddy must be under a lot of pressure managing up to four sites at a time but it didn’t surprise me at all that he had won a Quality Award this year, his homes are in a different league.”

James Kennedy moved into a three bedroom house bungalow on The Grange site a year ago. Having bought four new homes in the past, Mr Kennedy was immediately struck by the character and design of his new home.

“Our house was in the walled garden area of the development and part of our boundary was made up of a 300 year old wall. The builder had gone to great lengths to maintain its character and appearance.”

He continues, “What impressed us and set our homes apart from the others was the build quality, it really was excellent. We were able to make accompanied visits on site and areas that were finished were always covered to protect them. Also, you could see that the standard of brickwork before rendering was really neat and well finished.

“We were aware that Paddy was a Pride in the Job winner and he was always accommodating and helpful. I would recommend his homes to a friend on strength of the quality of the build.”

Having taken home two UK Supreme awards in the past, Paddy has made it through to win a Quality Award in the first round of this year’s competition, proving he really is one of the best site managers in the business.

The 400 site managers who have been awarded Quality Awards now go through to the second round to compete for a ‘Top 100’ Seal of Excellence award and then a Regional Award. The competition reaches its climax in January when the UK’s three Supreme Winners will be announced at  a glittering gala ceremony in London.

NHBC is naturally proud of its 24 year old competition. NHBC’s Chief Executive says: “All the winners, including Paddy are top class. Our PIJ competition aims to encourage individuals to set the highest standards in their work. Site managers make a huge personal contribution to the success of a housebuilding project and it is important that we recognise and reward those who are making such a positive contribution to the industry.” 

New Homes Northern Ireland Magazine

Winter Home Health Check

As the winter weather shows signs of turning colder, it is important to remember to give your new home a winter health check. We talk to NHBC about maintenance during winter.

During colder months new homes may need a little extra care and attention, particularly walls, fittings and windows, as well as gardens, new roofs and drains. Melissa Blamey of NHBC – the UK’s leading warranty provider of new homes – says owners of NHBC registered new homes have a ten year Buildmark cover which gives protection for problems which may arise in new homes.

“While Buildmark cover offers resassuring protection, it makes sense for homeowners to take care of small things over winter to ensure problems don’t arise which could be preventable.”

She offers the following advice:

 It’s a good idea to clean out your gutters at least once a year of any leaves and debris to prevent blockages and silting up. Be careful when placing ladders against plastic gutters or pipework. Where possible use a ladder with an extension bracket.

Chimneys should be swept at least once a year to prevent chimney fires and any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Tiles on sloping roofs are brittle and can easily crack under a person’s weight – anyone who has to go on the roof to do any work should always use a roof ladder. Flat roofs are not designed to take heavy loads, do not allow window cleaners or decorators to use the roof for access without protecting the surface.

Outside woodwork needs protecting against weather conditions. Regularly repainting or preserving the wood will help to protect it. The first repainting will probably be needed after two years and thereafter should only need to be carried out every four or five years.  This will need to be increased if you live near the sea or in a more exposed environment.

Manholes give access to drains; avoid obstructing them with soil as you may need to check inside for blockages. Also avoid piling soil and leaves against outside walls as this can cover the damp course leading to damp penetration.  Ideally keep soil and paving 150mm below the damp course. If you are not sure where your damp course is, ask your builder.

Check with your solicitor whether you own a particular fence or wall bordering your property as you will be responsible for its maintenance.

Remember that although planting trees and shrubs can make your garden more attractive at this time of year, remember to allow enough room for trunks and roots to grow, especially if you are planting near new sheds, drains or you or your neighbour’s property. Also be aware that tree branches hanging over roofs may be a potential problem, especially in icy and windy conditions. If you can reach them safely, trim them as best you can away from the house.

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