Lane End Conference Centre - Copy requirement: Press Releases, News Pages, Web Articles and Blog Posts

Nestled in the heart of the Chiltern Hills is popular Lane End Conference Centre. Lane End’s Head of Marketing approached me to write a series of press releases to raise the profile of what they do at local and industry level.

Previously the international conference centre had received little in the way of press coverage so I focussed on creating timely, newsworthy press releases that would appeal to regional and trade press.

The results speak for themselves. As well as achieving front page coverage for the venue in the Bucks Free Press, I secured an in-depth profile piece about Lane End in the newspaper's business section.  To target the trade press, I wrote a series of press releases highlighting the venue’s latest news. These gained consistent coverage in heavyweight trade titles including Conference News, Meetings & Incentive Travel magazine.   

Alongside Lane End's press releases I also updated Lane End's news and blog pages with stacks of lovely fresh content. From latest profit updates to engaging advice pieces - for example, how to make a sizzling presentation. Each piece of content was written specifically for Lane End's target audience and designed for maximum sharability on social media.   

Here's a sample blog post:

Six Easy Ways to Make Your Presentation More Engaging

Whether you’re presenting to a big potential client or a group of post-lunch delegates, it’s important to captivate your audience.

To avoid people hitting the snooze button early, here are six ways to make your presentation more compelling:

  • Prepare well in advance – A winning, well-thought-out presentation can’t be cobbled together on the train beforehand.

Presenting is a learned skill. The key to success is allowing plenty of time to create your presentation and then practice, practice, practice, even the jokes.

This will boost your confidence and allow you to focus on your audience. Also keep presentations short and sweet - three main messages are ideal – and if you go over 30 minutes, expect people to start covertly reading their emails!

  • Fall in love with your topic – You may have been tasked with a brain-numbingly boring subject but if you find something interesting about it that you love, chances are your audience will enjoy it too.

If you’re talking about technical subjects or need to relay lots of statistics, use extreme anecdotes or funny visuals. For example, if presenting on dedicated buildings insurance, photos of pitiful construction fails will hit home a point in a humorous way.                            

  • Interact with your audience – A one-way presentation is dull to give and dull to receive. Now and again check your audience is with you by asking questions or asking them to read out information.

Rather than asking ‘any questions?’ at the end, encourage discussion by requesting a show of hands, such as, ‘who agreed with my point about…’ then follow up with ‘why was that exactly?’

  • Mix it up – Unless you want to invoke death by PowerPoint, move beyond slides containing just text and graphics by showing video clips – educational or funny. If you do use graphics make sure they are clear and colourful. 
  • Get Quizzical – To focus your audience’s attention, say you will be holding a quiz at the end on your presentation. Give out prizes relating to your subject or line of work.
  • Make it your own – The best way to make an impact is to make your presentation your own. Try to avoid being overly stiff and enter with a great ice-breaker, such as, a related joke (check it hits the spot by running it past others first), powerful quote or thought–provoking image. Stage fright is tricky but the quickest way to build rapport is to be you.

Lane End Conference Centre has everything you need to deliver stand out presentations, including high-tech digital projectors, ultra-fast 100 Mbps broadband, bright and airy conference rooms, and even nerve-soothing fruity teas.       

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Lane End Conference Centre

Lane End Conference Centre