3D Flight Cases. Copy Requirement: Rocking web copy.

Web content does not get more rock and roll than this. 3D Flight Cases are the leading manufacturer of professional flight cases for top rock bands, orchestras and entertainment artists world-wide. They even custom-built the flight case to safely transport  the 200 tonne AC/DC's 'Hell's Bell' on tour.  

Director Steve Kane approached me to review their current web copy. Happy to take up the challenge, I made the copy more crisp and concise and core key messages work a whole lot harder. In particular drawing out 3D's in-depth technical expertise and 30 year history of developing bespoke packaging solutions for artists from ABBA to Zeppelin.

The end result is a much more user-friendly, Google-friendly website that works a charm on persuading visitors to take the next step, which is of course, to buy, buy, buy!       

Here's a taster of the home page copy or you can view the full site here.


Welcome to the world of 3D Flight Cases.

With over 30 years’ experience of designing and manufacturing flight cases, we are the leading trusted supplier of high quality protective flight cases to top musicians, government agencies and other industries worldwide.          

Our website showcasesa sample of the custom made flight cases we produce, from professional flight cases to safely transport delicate instruments from gig to gig, to bespoke industrial flight cases for the aerospace, energy and Formula One industries.  

All our flight cases, even our standard flight cases, are individually designed and constructed to meet your exact specification. Just let us know what you need and we will create the perfect durable packaging solution for you. 


3D Flight Cases have been manufacturing instrument flight cases specifically designed to handle the rigours of international touring for over three decades. During this time we have supplied flight cases for many of the world’s largest concert tours, offering unrivalled protection for instruments and equipment for major orchestras and famous artists across the globe.  


Having spent several years touring with world famous artists, we understand the importance of having your delicate, high value and often irreplaceable instruments arrive in performance-ready condition. 

We are the first company in the UK to design our own aluminium extrusions – a unique ‘double leg’ case edge extrusion to deliver maximum protection.  Also, unlike many other manufacturers who import inferior flight cases from abroad, our flight cases are produced in the UK using only the highest quality materials. 

As well as ensuring every 3D flight case not only meets but exceeds ATA 300 standards, all our ATA shipping containers go well beyond the requirements of ATA 300 CAT 1 which state flight cases must withstand one hundred round trip flights, so much so, that many of our thirty year old flight cases are still touring the globe today.        


Each of our flight cases is designed and constructed to offer superior protection for your assets year after year. 

This is not only great news for you but the environment too.  As well saving you time and money on endless repackaging, less packing material is needed, which means less impact on our lovely planet.

Furthermore, all our timber is sourced from responsibly managd forests, ensuring a high quality and sustainable product that will last for years.

Finally, when it does come to retiring your flight case in thirty or more years’ time, 95% of its materials are recyclable.

Why trust your equipment to any other flight case company?

If you would like to know more about our world leading professional flight cases, call our experts now on 01733 269026 or email us at 



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